“Robert Kraft makes smart music that's also irresistably danceable. Everything he touches becomes an instant classic.” - Brennen Leigh

Guitarist and Arranger JD Pendley studied music at the University of Utah, where he formed the powerful Funk outfit Slapdown. He has toured with Doug Moreland's band, and he regularly partners up with David Biller for stunning Guitar Hero showcases around Texas. His past projects include work with Erik Hokkanen, Bear and the Essentials, Hot Texas Swing, and The Jazz Pharaohs.

Soul singer and songwriter Robert Ashker Kraft began playing guitar, bass, and singing in bars and clubs around Dallas at age 15. His past projects include The Governours, Deep Ellum Soul Review, The Ken, The Glover Gill Quartet, The Kevin Lovejoy Trio,  Acme Song Company, and Tosca Tango Orchestra. He has worked as a sideman, playing bass for various soul and funk projects, but has always considered his rich, soulful voice to be his primary instrument.

Lindsay Greene is one of the workingest bass players in Texas. He studied Classical Bass Performance at The University of Texas. His professional work spans the spectrum from Jazz to Honky Tonk to Power Pop,  experimental synth music, Soul, Funk, and R&B. His other projects have included Seth Walker, Ruby Jane, The Lovely Sparrows, Montopolis, Jo's House Band, The Dead Left, Paula Nelson, John Doe, and too many more to mention.

The Robert Kraft Trio is based out of Austin, TX. Their soulful Sixties and Seventies-inspired Original R&B has been moving hearts and packing dance floors for over 8 years. Their latest CD "North Bishop Ave." has been getting spins across the United States and in the UK, Europe, and, oddly, New Zealand! They are in the studio now, recording new original material for their upcoming CD entitled "Soul 73", due for release in Spring of 2019..